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1. Some students earn some extra cash from part-time jobs.学生们可以通过兼职工作赚到一些零用钱。

核心结构:A earn some extra money from B   A从B处赚得零用钱

注:extra cash=pocket-money

2. Industrial particulates are mortally detrimental to one's physique.工业悬浮颗粒对人的身体有致命伤害。

核心结:A be mortally detrimental to B


3. Some parents feel hemmed-in by their daily routines.很多父母感觉他们被工作束缚住了。

核心结构:A feel hemmed-in by B


4. Give-and-take is common in any relationship.付出与给予是人类社会中的一种普遍关系。

核心结构:A be common in any relationship


5. Youngsters are given to making mistakes.年轻人一定会犯错误。

核心结构:A be given to doing A一定会(做)。

6. Scientific developments have been fast and furious.科技发展业已一日千里。

核心结构:A be fast and furious A一日千里。

7. In the abstract, women are more easy-going.从理论上来说,女性更加和蔼。

核心结构:in the abstract 从理论上来说

8. A violent area is always the locus of poverty.一个充斥着暴力的地区总是贫困地区。

核心结构:locus 地点

9. It is too moralistic to condemn new lifestyles.谴责新的生活方式未免有些上纲上线。


1. it is moralistic to do (做某事)显得上纲上线。

2. condemn 谴责

10. The paranormal can be rarely explained.超自然现象很难得到解释。


1. A can be rarely explained A很难得到解释。

2. paranormal 超自然的/ 超自然事物

11. Retirees are always unprepared for the oncoming boredom.核心结构:退休者对于即将到来的枯燥生活总是毫无准备。

1. A be unprepared for B A对于B毫无准备。

2. oncoming 即将到来的

12. Massacres are often done by those unprepossessing loners.大屠杀的实行者总是那些不为人所注意的孤独者。

核心结构:unprepossessing 不为人所注意(关注)的

13. The suggestion is weighted against average students.这个建议不利于一般学生。

核心结构:A be weighted against B A不利于B

注:A be weighted against B


14. Conservative people are rather wedded to traditions.保守的人总是遵循传统。

核心结构:A be wedded to B A遵循B

“遵循”的其它表达方式:follow/ observe/ adhere to/ stick to/ abide by

15. The reason is not valid.这个理由站不住脚。

核心结构:valid 站得住脚的

16. The upshot would be win-win.结果将是双赢的。


1. upshot 结果

2. win-win 双赢的

17. The criticism is trenchant indeed.这个批评的确是一针见血。

核心结构:trenchant 一针见血的

18. Trials and tribulations always lead us to success.历练与苦难总是会引导AG客户端下载走向成功。

核心结构:trials and tribulations 历练与苦难

19. It is nothing but a piece of excuse.这不过是一个借口。

核心结构:A be nothing but B A不过是B而已。

20. Fairness is the keystone of legislation.公平是立法的基础。

核心结构:keystone 基础

21. Dying patients are not loath to end their lives.垂死的病人情愿结束他们的生命。

核心结构:A be not loath to do A情愿(做某事)

注:A be loath to do A勉强(做某事)

22. I obsess over those disabled children.我非常关注那些残疾儿童。

核心结构:A obsess over B A关注B

“关注”的其它结构:A be preoccupied with B/ A concentrate on B/ A be engrossed in B(通常指对于工作与学业的关注)/ A be dedicated to B(通常翻译为A致力于B)

23. We must bring perpetrators to justice.AG客户端下载必须将违法者绳之以法。

核心结构:A bring B to justice A将B绳之以法。

24. I cannot tolerate the permissiveness in education.我无法容忍在教育当中出现的纵容行为。

核心结构:permissiveness 纵容行为

25. In the face of a plurality of cultures, I feel befuddled.面对各种各样的文化概念,我感觉头晕目眩。


1. in the face of 面对

2. a plurality of 各种各样的

3. befuddled 头晕目眩(文气用法,通常指对概念与观点的茫然、不知所措)

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